2 October 2018 – Online Seminar: The triple win approach with EPC as solution for the split incentive in office buildings

Are you dealing with split incentives dilemma’s in office buildings? Join this online seminar from behind your desk!

The split incentives dilemma may be the single most significant challenge to the economisation of energy efficiency projects worldwide. This webinar shows Triple-Win-Solutions for the Split-Incentive-Dilemma in office buildings. RVO will present the model that was developed by guarantEE partner GEA.

The webinar will take place 15.00 to 17.00 CET on Tuesday 2 October 2018 and will cover the following topics:

In The Netherlands the Energy Service company Ovvia has a lot of experience with renovating and maintenance in commercial office buildings. Jan van Hout, director, will share his experiences, because he sees Energy performance contracting as the Chicken with the Golden Egg.
Another solution is the all-in rent in office buildings. In The Netherlands the Governmental Real Estate Agency switched to all-in rent in 2015. Rutger de Gier, project manager, explains the benefits and shows the overall energy savings within governmental buildings.

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Introduction to guarantEE by Selina Roskam
Short: the EPC facilitators and the EPC precheck
Presentation on the triple win approach
The chicken with the golden egg by Jan van Hout – CEO Ovvia
Introduction of the All-in rent at the Governmental Real Estate Agency
(Rijksvastgoedbedrijf) by Rutger de Gier

More information
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ms. Selina Roskam
E: selina.roskam@rvo.nl


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