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we are pleased to present to you the 2nd newsletter of the EU project "Energy Efficiency with Performance Guarantees in Private and Public Sector” (guarantEE).

In this edition we are presenting you the winners of the European Energy Service Award 2017 that was awarded for the tenth time this year. Furthermore, we are proud to present to you the brand new Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) Online Pre-Check Tool that supports building owners to determine, whether their facilities are suitable for EPC in less than 5 minutes.

Beside that we have more information gathered about EPC and how the promotion of energy services in Europe can be carried further: Read more in this newsletter about a new market study confirms the high potential for cost savings, EPC facilitators signed a declaration to constantly work on the development and training of EPC as well as an EPC information day in Ireland.

We wish you an instructive and enjoyable reading of this first issue of the guarantEE newsletter.

Your guarantEE Team


_EESA – European Energy Service Award

The Hvidovre Hospital in Denmark has won one of the four prizes at this year’s European Energy Service Award (EESA) ceremony. The winners of the competition have been honoured during a high-level award ceremony at the Red Town Hall Berlin by Berlin’s Senator for Economy, Energy and Public Enterprises, Ramona Pop, the CEO of Berliner Energieagentur (BEA), Michael Geissler, as well as jury member, Dr. Julije Domac (FEDARENE – European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment).

By implementing renewable energies, installing intelligent building control systems as well as the introduction of an energy management system, the Danish Hvidovre Hospital achieved high energy and CO2 emission savings. The measures were implemented by an external service company based on an Energy Performance Contract (EPC).

In cooperation with the European Commission and within the project guarantEE, the EESA honours once again outstanding European projects and institutions in the field of energy services. Further winners are Dublin’s Energy Agency (Codema), the Local Development Agency of Liège area (GRE-Liège) with the project RenoWatt and the Italian construction company Edilvi S.p.A. BEA awarded this prize for the tenth time.

Please find here the press release as well as detailed information on the winners as well as pictures of the event.


_EPC online Pre-Check Tool

The Online Pre-Check for Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) is a useful tool that helps building owners and facility managers finding out if their facilities might be suitable for EPC. EPC is a proven energy service model for financing energy modernization of buildings with guaranteed energy cost reductions. It allows building owners and facility managers to transfer technical risks to an energy service company (ESCO) while been given fixed performance guarantees by the ESCO. In less than 5 minutes interested building owners or managers can find out if EPC could work for them.

The EPC Pre-Check collects information about the condition of the building or facility, the energy costs, planned or completed energy modernizations, as well as operational characteristics of the building or facility. After completing the questions, one will receive a first assessment based on the given replies. The EPC Pre-Check displays the energy efficiency options for an individual building situation. It helps building owners and facility managers to efficiently manage their properties and build a better business.

Finding out in less than 5 minutes, if EPC works for the property

Making the decision to outsource a service and decide on an EPC is not always easy. It takes time and requires technical, financial and legal know-how. Luckily there are experienced, independent consultants available, so called EPC facilitators, who can help. Two decades of experience with EPC facilitators across Europe show that they are a crucial link between client and market. They have proven to speed up the process of identifying energy efficiency and cost savings. By using the tool they can also get in touch with an EPC facilitator.

The EPC online Pre-Check tool has been developed by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( within the guarantEE project. The instrument will be used by the 14 guarantEE partners and will therefore be available in 14 languages.

Find out in less than 5 minutes if an EPC could work for you, and use the EPC Pre-Check, for free:  

Watch the video to learn more about the EPC Pre-Check:

Flyer, with more information on the EPC Pre-Check (Flyer):


_Market study confirms high potential for cost savings through energy services

Many public and private buildings still bear high potentials for energy cost savings. Specialized energy service companies can help reducing energy costs, e.g. by installing or operating efficient building technology on their own financial risk. Nevertheless, more than 60 percent of the building experts in the European Union have no personal experience with energy services like Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) and are rather cautious and partly skeptical about such energy service models. This are the results of a market study conducted within the European project guarantEE that is coordinated by the Berliner Energieagentur (BEA).

The report on the market analysis is based on a survey with 256 participants. On the one hand it shows that there is still a huge potential for cost savings through EPC projects in Europe. On the other hand, half of the respondents indicated they prefer investing in energy efficiency measures on their own capital funds and their own technical risk instead of outsourcing them to an external energy service company. Many of the surveyed emphasize the clear benefits of energy services like EPC, e.g. the guaranteed energy cost savings as well as the technical know-how of service providers. However, there are obstacles as inexperience in the design of EPC contracts as well as fiscal uncertainties to energy services in general.

The report identifies barriers to the further development of the EPC markets in Europe. The low energy prices since 2013 make energy efficiency investments less economical. Furthermore, there is also the so-called split-incentives-dilemma – which means a lack of building owners’ investments due to the fact that in rented facilities cost and benefits of energy efficiency measures are split between owners and tenants. Therefore, the market requires adapted contract models to apply EPC similar services in rented service and multifamily buildings.

The full “Report on the European EPC Market” including all survey
results can be downloaded here:

The country specific report for Germany can be downloaded here:

Please find here the press release of the market report.


_Declaration on promoting EPC 

In April 2017, 16 EPC facilitators from 5 Member States signed a Self-Declaration on EPC facilitating during a seminar of the guarantEE project in Amsterdam.

With their signature, the EPC facilitators e.g. confirmed, that they will prospectively support and adhere to the guarantEE EPC facilitators criteria, the values and principles of the European EPC Code of Conduct and that they will read the EESI2020 EPC Facilitators Guideline and operate according to these principles.

The signees furthermore declared, that they agree with the publication of EPC related track record, including contact information, professional education and expertise, relevant EPC Facilitator trainings completed and EPC projects realised. Moreover, they reaffirmed to constantly work on development and training of their EPC Facilitator skills.


_EPC Information Day at Leisure Centre in Dublin

An Information Day on Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) was held by Codema, Dublin’s Energy Agency, on 15 February 2017 at Ballymun Sports & Fitness Centre as part of the guarantEE project.

The event was hosted by Dublin City Council at one of their leisure centres which was part of the municipality’s first Energy Performance Contract last year. Initiated by Codema through the EESI2020 project, the EPC contract was signed between Dublin City Council and Noel Lawler Green Energy Solutions in July 2016 for energy upgrades and maintenance and also included Markievicz Sports and Fitness Centre and Finglas Sports & Fitness Centre.

During the information day, Ballymun Sports & Fitness Centre Manager Philip White gave a tour of the facility and explained the new energy-saving measures implemented at the site. These included:

• Building Management System (BMS) Optimisation

• Shut down plant out of hours

• New cooling strategy for Air Handling Units (AHUs)

• Lighting Upgrades from T8 fittings to T5/LED panels and LED down-lighters

• Lighting controls and circuit modifications

• New 110kWe CHP and power modulation controls

• New Blade Hand Dryers

• New chemical controllers for pool water

• Installation of pump inverter on slide

Speaking about his experience with the EPC process, Philip White explained Codema’s role as EPC facilitator in this process. He complimented Noel Lawler Green Energy Solutions – the Energy Services Company (ESCO) responsible for the site – for their implemented energy saving measures and their continued support through measurement and verification (M&V).

Joe Hayden, Executive Engineer at Codema, presented the guarantEE project to the group and the importance of learning from experienced European partners about Energy Performance Contracting. As part of Codema’s role of EPC Facilitator, Joe also provided an overview of the EPC concept and highlighted the need to purchase a ‘guaranteed energy-saving service’ rather than a once-off energy upgrade for a public building.

Also speaking at the event was Cormac Healy, Project Manager in Dublin City Council’s Energy Steering Group, who explained the EPC process from the lead-in time to the final signing of the contract. Highlighting the benefits of EPC, he emphasised the potential for similar contracts within the public sector.

A presentation from Philip Goode of Noel Lawler Green Energy Solutions provided an insight into the ESCO experience on the project and was followed by an open discussion. Participants were left with an EPC leaflet and a case study providing energy saving figures on DCC’s energy performance contract.




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