Workshop EPC in new Havenhuis on the 8th of December


The City of Antwerp, Alfaport-VOKA and the Port of Antwerp in collaboration with Factor4 will hold a free workshop on Energy Performance Contracts on the 8th of December in the new Antwerp Port building.

Making old and new buildings more energy efficient is a major component in federal, regional and local climate plans to help achieve energy and climate goals in Belgium and the European Union. Investments in building renovation and in the replacement or retrofit of building elements, lighting and HVAC installations are often postponed as building owners consider investments too high, lack confidence in expected cost reductions or do not benefit fully from the return on their investments.

Energy performance contracting means a contractual arrangement between the beneficiary and the provider of an energy efficiency improvement measure, verified and monitored during the whole term of the contract, where investments (work, supply or service) in that measure are paid for in relation to a contractually agreed level of energy efficiency improvement or other agreed energy performance criterion, such as financial savings. Energy performance contracting is an innovative approach to increase the attractiveness and efficiency of energy efficiency investments in buildings and equipment.

Experts from Factor4 will give participants a good insight in Energy Performance Contracting during the workshop hosted by the Port of Antwerp in its new Port building and co-funded by the EU H2020 EPC plus project.


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