RenoWatt, energy efficiency and job creation combined!

RenoWatt is an EPC-programme for energy retrofitting of public buildings, acting on behalf of local public authorities in the Walloon region (Belgium). RenoWatt provides as services to these public authorities:

  • “Public” structure simplifying tendering processes
  • Technical audits and identification of the investments to do
  • Financial plans
  • Procurement of the EPC’s, from the draft of the specifications up to the negotiation with the ESCOs
  • Pooling of buildings, allowing the public authorities to get better contractual terms from the ESCOs
  • Search for funding: negotiation with the existing funding agencies; giving access to funds to which a municipality would not have alone.

Innovative features of the RenoWatt programme are for instance :

  • Pooling, in the same tendering procedure, buildings from different legal entities has almost never been realized in Europe so far
  • Launching EPC with the largest part of the investment dedicated to insulation and not only to systems (more than 60% of the budget)
  • Introducing the concept of continuous improvement during the 15 year contracts. The procurement documents and contracts were based on the EPC-contract of the Belgian federal government. This contract that was mainly developed by Factor4, includes innovative features such as performance based maintenance using the “residual building value” based on the NEN 2767.
  • Focus on making existing buildings more sustainable and comfortable ánd on creating local employment. Indeed, one million Euros invested in energy retrofitting mobilizes 17 – for an major part local – jobs.

RenoWatt assigned between dec-2016 and feb 2017 4 EPC-contracts covering 136 buildings (schools, sports facilities, other buildings and a hospital), with a guaranteed energy cost saving of 30%. The total investment amounts to 58 mio €.
The ESCO’s that will implement the EPC-projects are ENGIE Cofely and EDF Luminus.

The RenoWatt programme is the largest energy saving project in Belgium in buildings of this century, and probably one of the largest EPC-projects in Europe. Based on the success of the first EPC-projects, new public authorities are presently joining RenWatt.
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