Best Practice Examples

This EPC database has been developed within the project EESI 2020 and will be further enhanced in the context of guarantEE.

The database provides a single point of access to high quality European EPC projects, including information on investment levels, energy cost savings guaranteed and measures implemented.

With the search engine on the right, you may filter the database for specific parameters, which can also be combined.

‘De Scheg’ Sports Center in Dev ...

EPC for maintenance and sustainability of Sports Center with […] more

School ‘De Leister Igge’ in Ope ...

This 50-year-old school has been rebuilt in 7 weeks; […] more

HU University of Applied Sciences U ...

Since January 2017, Van Dorp Installaties has been responsible […] more

WTC (World Trade Center) Den Haag

Bouwinvest Office Fund has concluded an EPC with ESCO […] more

Bremer Höhe eG – Germany

Facility and Initial Situation Facility Wohnungsbaugenossenschaft „Bremer Höhe” eG […] more

MFA Kapelle – Netherlands

Energy Neutral School building, with EPC for Heat and […] more

7 municipal buildings, sustainable ...

The municipality of Eindhoven has strong sustainability ambitions that […] more

Erasmus University Rotterdam – ...

Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) wants to develop one of […] more

WTC Schiphol – Netherlands

WTC Schiphol needed a new maintenance contract and saw […] more

The White Lady Eindhoven – Ne ...

Around 1920, The White Lady (De Witte Dame) was […] more

12 buildings Tax Office Apeldoorn ...

The Dutch Real Estate Company and Heijmans have concluded […] more

100 buildings Enschede

The Municipality of Enschede (NL) has outsourced maintenance of […] more

500 buildings Nijmegen – Net ...

Since 2012 the Municipality of Nijmegen (NL) has renovated […] more

Primary School Eindhoven – Ne ...

First Performance-based contract for primary school ‘The Rainbow’ in NL […] more

Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam – ...

The Netherlands Central Government Real Estate Agency realized a […] more

De Hallen Amsterdam -Netherlands

Former Tram Depot transformed into modern commercial center: Amsterdam […] more

EPC pilot project

EPC Project in Buildings in the Cit ...

Initial Situation Project Scope Based on an expert analysis  […] more

EPC pilot project Joanneum Research Graz © GEA

Joanneum Research Graz – Aust ...

Facility and Initial Situation Facility One building with an […] more

EPC pilot project © Seyntex

EPC in production site Seyntex R ...

Facility and Initial Situation Facility Five buildings with net […] more

Stadttheater Wiener Neustadt

Building pool Wiener Neustadt ̵ ...

Facility and Initial Situation Facility Municipal authority Wiener Neustadt, […] more

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