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100 buildings Enschede

The Municipality of Enschede (NL) has outsourced maintenance of 100 public buildings in two Energy Performance Contracts for both ten years.

Since the completion of the National Muziekkwartier in 2008,  a 20.000 square metre centre for  music centre, theater and dance, the Municipality of Enschede has a lot of trouble with the installations and indoor climate. 64 different maintenance companies were involved.  And the Municipality  suffred with a lack of expertise and capacity for solving all problems. That is why was decided to ourcource maintenance. Strukton Worksphere was selected as the executive party, for a twenty year EPC.

National Muziekkwartier: 20.000 m2, annual savings: 80.000 euros/year.

In 2016 the Municipality outsourced maintenance for 100 buildings, in two ten year contracts. Contractors are Strukton Worksphere and Homij.

Annual energy savings: 3%/year.

Total contract value: 400.000 euros/year



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