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12 buildings Tax Office Apeldoorn – Netherlands

The Dutch Real Estate Company and Heijmans have concluded an Integrated Management Contract (IBC) for the management and maintenance of data centers and offices in five locations of the Tax Administration in Apeldoorn. The minimum maturity is ten years and the contract value is 25 million euros. The basis is an intensive collaboration between the building owner, The Netherlands Real Estate Agency (Rijksvastgoedbedrijf), the user, the Tax Administration (Belastingdienst), and the contractor, Heijmans.


Walterboscomplex and Quintax complex, tax office Apeldoorn

Renovation years of construction: 2000 to 2007

Number of locations: 5

Number of buildings: 12

Type of buildings: offices, data center

Energy certificate: A

Surface of two complexes: 167,000 m2 bvo

Fte factor: 0.7 fte per workplace

Energy consumption: 2.4 million kWh of electricity and 95 thousand m3 of gas per month.

(28.8 mln kWh / year and 11.4 mln m3 / year)


The contract

Type of tender: Economic Most Beneficial Enrollment (EMVI), 70% Quality and 30% Price

Contract Type: Integrated Management Contract (IBC)

Activities: Multidisciplinary Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical and Transport Maintenance

Contract duration: 10 years with option to renew 5 years

Contract value: approximately € 25 million for 10 years

Energy and Sustainability measures
Heat and cold storage
Watercourses for cooling, extinguishing water, gray water for sanitation
High-frequency fluorescent lighting (auto-dimmer)
LED lights in the lifts and soon in the parking garage
Drycooling instead of mechanical cooling.
Slim blinds combined with weather and lighting
Facility: waste separation, active approach climate complaints from office staff

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