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500 buildings Nijmegen – Netherlands

Since 2012 the Municipality of Nijmegen (NL) has renovated at least 80 public buildings, and made them energy efficient.  Maintenance of the total real estate portfolio – 500 buildings –  has been outcourced. For financing of EE the municipality started its own revolving fund in 2012.

In 2016 the Town Hall has been upgraded from Energy Certificate F to C. Energy measures: triple glass, integrated climete system, insulation of walls and roof constyruction, and 500 solar panels.


Building owner: Municipality of Nijmegen

Facility management: 2008 – 2016: Royal Haskoning DHV. From 2016 maintenance will be outsourced to AAFM, for 3 years (minimum) with a maximum of ten years.

Total real estate portfolio = 500 public buildings.

More than 200 energy measures will be implemented.

Annual maintenance costs: 4.7 mln euros.

Annual rental income: 11 mln euros.

Total investments (2008 – 2016): 6 mln euros

Annual energy savings: 480.000 euro

CO2 emission savings: 2.000 ton (= 235 households)


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