Project Stakeholder

Belgian Federal government – Belgium

Facility and Initial Situation


  • 13 buildings owned by Fedimmo, used by 4 different government agencies
  • Wallonia and Brussels
  • 12 buildings
  • 72.000 m²

Goals and Measures

Goals of building owner

  • Reduction of energy costs in order to free up budget for the core business
  • Reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions using a EPC to contract an ESCO


  • Heat pumps
  • Relighting


Installation of energy efficiency measures


Duration of the contract

11 years


1.430.000 €

Energy costs HVAC (Baseline)

866.810 €

Guaranteed savings on HVAC  in Euro

248.966 €

Guaranteed savings in %

30 %

Innovations and Client’s Advantages

  • One of the first EPC contracts for public buildings in Belgium

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