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Project Stakeholder

EPC light in Pankow in Berlin – Germany

Facility and Initial Situation


District of Pankow in Berlin, 15 buildings:

  • Twelve schools
  • One youth facility
  • One cultural institution
  • One public service building

Initial Situation

  • Baseline (2009): 882,714 €/a
  • Administration has no staff capacities to undertake adequate (technical) support / energy management of the buildings
  • No constant consumption control / monitoring as well as no professional revision of the incoming invoices of utilities
  • Existing saving potentials, particularly a possible optimization of operations
  • Classical energy performance contracting (EPC) is not suitable:
    • Too low project volume (energy costs)
    • Buildings without long-term perspective of constant use
    • No investment requirements (e. g. new buildings or modernized objects)

Goals and Measures

Goals of building owner

  • To reduce energy consumption by mid-2012 in schools and administration buildings.


  • Energy management: reducing energy consumption and energy costs through external know-how;
  • System optimization and continuous monitoring;
  • Extension of existing savings potential (without investment);
  • Guaranteed energy savings contract.


Duration of the contract

2 years


0 €

Energy costs 2009 (Baseline)

882,714 €/a

Guaranteed savings in Euro

90,037 €/a

Guaranteed savings in %

10,2 %

Share / payment to ESCO:
Share client:

5 % = 44.118 €/a
5.2 % = 45.919 €/a

Reduction of CO2  emissions

> 3.000 t/a

Services of the ESCO

  • Inventory of the technical equipment of the buildings (if necessary)
  • Active optimisation of heating, (ventilation and cooling) by building control systems including documentation
  • Analysis of consumption, monitoring of meters
  • Control of the invoices of supply companies
  • Energy reporting every six months
  • Weak-point analysis/recommendation for investments in energy efficiency
  • Optional: additional concept for user motivation

Innovations and Client’s Advantages

  • In comparison with the conventional EPC, in “EPC light” there is usually no need for large investments;
  • The energy is saved by maintaining a certain level of consumption. Since there is no need to refinance the investment, the contract period is only for two or three years;
  • The client may use a portion of the savings to fund additional educational trainings on energy conservation;
  • “EPC light” is a first step in the external energy management.

Picture: © Berliner Energieagentur


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