Stadttheater Wiener Neustadt

Project Stakeholder

Wiener Neustadt

Building pool Wiener Neustadt – Austria

Facility and Initial Situation


  • Municipal authority Wiener Neustadt, Lower Austria
  • Seven buildings with overall about 29,600 m² net floor area comprising various schools, one municipal theatre, one kindergarten as well as one museum.

Initial Situation

The municipality intended new accessions and optimizations in the field of building technology because of high energy costs and for environmental reasons. The required financial means were not available.

Goals and Measures

Goals of building owner

  • No strain on the budget for necessary investment
  • Outsourcing of technical and economic risks
  • Increase the user comfort
  • Service and maintenance


  • Installation of efficient lighting (LED)
  • Hydraulic balance of heating system
  • Installation of speed-controlled pumps
  • Conversion to district heating
  • Insulation of ceilings
  • Refurbishment of the windows in one building

readjustment of hinges and closing mechanisms of windows


Installation of energy efficiency measures


Duration of the contract

15 years


982,000 €

Energy costs 2013 (Baseline)

372,892 €/a

Guaranteed savings in Euro

101,692 €/a

Guaranteed savings in %

27 %

Reduction of CO2 emissions

355 t/a

Innovations and Client’s Advantage

  • The municipality reduces 355 tons of CO2 emissions annually.
  • The municipality now enjoys significantly lower energy purchasing costs; around 110,000 Euros are paid less.
  • With its second contracting project the municipality achieved important goals in the municipal energy politics.

Picture: © Wiener Neustadt

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