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City Hall Essen – Germany

Facility and Initial Situation


  • City Hall Essen, Germany

Initial Situation

  • The city hall of the city of Essen dates back to 1979
  • Outdated air conditioning and heating system.
  • Both the central components and the equipment in the individual offices had to be replaced.
  • Light sources were outdated

Goals and Measures

Goals of building owner

  • Energy-oriented deep retrofit of the technical systems (ventilation, air-conditioning, water savings and electrical systems) of the Essen City Hall and simultaneous reduction of the high financial, maintenance and operation cost as well as significant abatement of CO2 pollution caused by the operation of the city hall.


  • Renewal and optimization of main ventilation and air conditioning systems, Replacement of 2600+ room air conditioners
  • Renewal of the building automation and control system, Renewal of field devices, Renewal of control cabinets for heating and air conditioning, Installation of the latest Siemens automation components, Use of energy efficiency class A applications
  • Optimization of heat and cooling distribution, Exchange of pumps and valves
  • Optimization of lighting
  • Development of a measuring and counting concept for the development of an energy management system, Connection of existing billing meters (district heating, electricity, water), Installation of additional sub-meters (e.g. electricity meter ventilation), Analysis and monitoring of energy consumption and plant values, Preparation of reports and accounting relevant documents
  • Ongoing energy monitoring Using Navigator, the cloud-based energy and sustainability management platform from Siemens
  • Maintenance and service according to VDMA 24186 For the equipment brought in by Siemens
  • The Green Building Monitor is a communication platform from Siemens based on the energy monitoring software Navigator. It informs the building users at a central location about the energy and media consumption of the building and motivates them to actively contribute to increasing energy efficiency.


Installation of energy efficiency measures

2017 – 2018

Duration of the contract

10 years


10,000,000 €

Energy costs (Baseline)

Guaranteed savings in Euro

 986,000 €/a

Guaranteed savings in %

Reduction of CO2 emissions

2,185 t/a

Innovations and Client’s Advantage

  • To ensure that the renovation work could be carried out within the specified time, within budget, without interrupting of ongoing office operations and with the expected savings results, a team of engineers and technicians examined the building for cost-saving measures over a period of 8 months before the renovation work began.
  • For this purpose, e.g. the air-conditioning technology was examined in detail with the support of complex measurement technology. Many inspection appointments took place together with the technical departments and users of the town hall.

Picture: © Rathaus Essen, Elke Brochhagen

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