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De Hallen Amsterdam -Netherlands

Former Tram Depot transformed into modern commercial center: Amsterdam realises successful energy performance project De Hallen

The City of Amsterdam recently just proved how energy performance contracting combined with collaboration and involvement of different parties can not only lead to maximum sustainability but also to maximum energy savings: The De Hallen building in Amsterdam, a former Tram Depot that stood empty and deserted for almost twenty years, has been redeveloped in an encompassing process, incorporating interests of all parties ranging from contractors, financers as well as the commissioning party. The result: The deserted and droughty depot has been transformed into a modern and flourishing cultural, commercial, and social center that is embedded in an ulta-modern and efficient climate system (heat cold storage, so called ‘WKO’) saving 340 tons of CO2 every year.


Developing in partnership leads to collaboration and a strong team spirit

The approach of the redevelopment that was taken was fundamentally different to conventional methods in many ways. The contractor Unica designed not just the energy concept and technical systems, but also built and financed them, and will be operating them for the next thirty years as well. The total cost of ownership was the starting point when relevant decisions had to be taken. This boosts the search for smart and innovative solutions, which only pay for themselves much later. This is the opposite of the short-term thinking that typifies many conventional projects. The J. van Stigt firm of architects had a very important development role and, together with the Strukton /De Nijs consortium, continues to be involved in the operations at De Hallen. Because the parties concerned depend on success in the long-term and therefore remain dependent on each other, the resulting dynamics are completely different.


Realized by: Amsterdam City Council, Stichting TROM (TramRemise Ontwikkelings Maatschappij), and Unica Ecopower


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