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Efficiency program applied to compressed air service

Facility and Initial Situation

  • Industry private sector glassware, situated in the Municipality of Colle Val d’Elsa (Siena – Toscana).
  • Efficiency program applied to compressed air service
  • The glassware for the manufacturing process had a high consumption of compressed air that reverberated with excessive costs. Heavy consumption was essentially due to the losses in the entire compressed air system.

Goals and Measures


  • Reduction of system losses
  • Implementation of an energy efficiency intervention aimed at optimizing the production system and reducing costs.


  • Installation of an energy monitoring system with operation parameters measurement (pressure, temperature and flow),
  • Analysis of the systems with classification of the utilities and relative levels and profiles of utilization, research of the losses by ultrasound instrumental investigation,
  • Shared definition of a reference consumption baseline,
  • Leaks repair and automatic management of condensate discharges,


Duration of the contract 8 years
Total investment [EUR] 158,000 €
Energy cost baseline 787,852.50 €
Guaranteed savings in Euro 116,640.00 €/y
Guaranteed savings in % 10%
Reduction of CO2-Emissions 622 t/a

Innovations and Client’s Advantages

The efficiency project that is being carried out has allowed to complete the first phase of intervention within 8 months, achieving a relevant reduction in energy consumption and emissions. The economic savings produced will free up resources that can be used to proceed to the second efficiency phase and then move on to projects for further possible interventions.

Other information

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