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EnerSHIFT – Social Housing Innovative Financing Tender for Energy

Facility and Initial Situation

  • Implementer: Regione Liguria – Urban development projects office
  • EnerSHIFT prepares, for the very first time in Italy, a mass-scale energy retrofit investment portfolio in the public properties of the Social Housing sector, by applying innovative and replicable financing models in support to an EPC call for tender reserved to ESCos. The public-private investment in Energy Efficiency will trigger energy savings, avoid CO2 emissions and boost local ESCo market development; meanwhile, life quality and housing comfort for over 3.000 families of low-income tenants will improve


Public funds shortage for building retrofitting and political will to avoid further costs for tenants challenged EnerSHIFT to design an innovative financial mechanism able to rise private investments while assuring tenants and buildings owners with immediate economic benefits from the EPC (“triple-win-approach”).  Severe legal and financial constraints to EPC application in the public sector and implementation of fund synergies came also from national Public Procurement Codes, European accountability rules and SIE funds reporting systems.

Solution / Measures

EnerSHIFT ventured an innovative tender call providing for a self-sustainable EPC model bankable for ESCOs and replicable for Public Administrations: the call was published in August 2017, concerning a Public Service Concession for the energy retrofit (minimum 45%) and management of 67 SH buildings, reserved to certify ESCOs and divided in lots to favour SMEs. Further 10 SH buildings are being retrofitted through energy interventions financed in synergy with ERDF funds.


  • Launch and awarding of the first EPC tender for SH in Italy
  • Investments triggered in energy efficiency for € 15 millions
  • 76 buildings retrofitted and improved life quality for 3.000 families under energy poverty
  • Institution of a National Stakeholder Platform on energy services, empowering investors’ confidence in ESCos and EPC
  • Improvement of the Regional Law on Social Housing and institution of a permanent Task Force on innovative financing

Key Results

  • Heat reduction: about 50% of former consumption
  • Retrofitted buildings: 76 (over 3.000 dwellings)
  • Primary energy saving: 14,5 GWh/year
  • Reduction of CO2 emission: over 3.500 tonnes

This project won the EESA 2019 award in the “Best European Energy Service Promoter” Category

Contact Information

Giuseppe Sorgente


Project web site:


Picture: © by Regione Liguria

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