Project Stakeholder

EPC Malacky

Facility and Initial Situation

Client name Malacky town
City, Region (site) Bratislava region
Number of buildings 3 buildings
Country Slovakia
Short description of building types Sport Hall, Nursing home, Cinema
Type of customer, sector Public sector

Goals and Measures

The city was interested in rationalizing, reconstructing and modernizing its energy systems on the affected buildings in order to save energy in the area of ​​electricity, heat and gas consumption. Improved comfort in the buildings was also beneficial.

Project scope, brief description of the implemented technical solution
MALINA Sports Hall:

  • Fitting radiators with valves suitable for IRC control
  • Changing the glass wall on the pool hall
  • Changing the HVAC for the pool hall and modifying the logic of connecting the other HVAC units to this follow-up
  • Modification of MaR and modes of operation of HVAC
  • Replacing the boiler in a gas boiler room with condensing
  • Change of boiler control room with installation of heat meters on boiler circuit and solar collector circuit
  • Replacing luminaires as needed for more energy efficient in selected parts of the building
  • Connection to power dispatching

City Social Services Center:

  • Installing the object with IRC valves and valves Temperature control in individual rooms
  • Installing water savers on spill batteries in client rooms
  • Connection to power dispatching

Záhoran Cinema:

  • Connection to power dispatching
  • Thermal insulation of required areas according to the order of the Customer
  • Replacing windows and doors with new standards


Installation of energy efficiency measures September 2014 – November 2014
Duration of the contract 10 years
Total investment [EUR] € 441,870
Energy cost baseline (with base year 2012)  138,180 €/a
Guaranteed savings in Euro 38,400 €/a


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