EPC pilot project

Project Stakeholder

EPC Project in Buildings in the City of Klatovy – Czech Republic

Initial Situation

Project Scope

Based on an expert analysis  of facilities owned by the city of Klatovy, 18 buildings of the total number of 36 have been evaluated as suitable for EPC project implementation. The majority of the facilities comprises  primary schools and kindergartens, other buildings consist of 2 retirement homes, the Town Hall, the Ice Stadium of Klatovy, the House of Culture.

Initial Condition

Major part of the buildings were in original condition – without  thermal insulation and technical adjustments improving the thermal insulation properties (roof insulation, window glazing, etc.). The technical condition of existing pipeline (technical age) of the overwhelming majority of the buildings, especially regarding heat distribution,  was identified as unsatisfactory. Lighting did not meet current standards, was both technically and morally obsolete, the lighting operation was very inefficient. Unsatisfactory heat sources were identified in the buildings.

Goals and Measures

Goals of building owner

  • Reduction of energy costs by improving thermal insulation properties of buildings
  • Reduction of heating costs by installing high efficient energy sources
  • Reduction of heating costs by replacing heat distribution systems and ensuring effective control and optimization of distribution systems.
  • Improving the indoor environment of buildings  in general
  • Improving building occupant’ comfort
  • Improving the technical condition of buildings


  • Installation of IRC (individual room control) serving as heating control.
  • Installation of thermostatic valves where IRC was not applicable
  • Installation of efficient lighting.
  • Installation of energy saving outlet fittings.
  • Closing hot water circulation during weekends and holidays.
  • Effective installation of co-generation units.
  • Installation of waste heat recovery units (recuperation).
  • Floor insulation in the attic in the selected building.
  • Change of technology  and process of hot water preparation


Installation of energy efficiency measures


Duration of the contract

8 years

Total Investment

760,408 €

Energy costs (Baseline)

817,321 €

Guaranteed savings in Euro

145,561 €/a

Guaranteed savings in %

17,8 %

Reduction of CO2-Emissions


Innovations and Client’s Advantages

  • Improvement to the technical condition of buildings without requiring major refurbishment
  • Increasing the value of property (buildings)
  • Higher operational reliability of systems
  • Investment is paid from savings of operating costs = it is budget-neutral, the city can use the investment funds for other purposes
  • Higher operating and user comfort
  • Improvement to the indoor environment in buildings
  • Monitoring and evaluating savings for the duration of contract
  • Implemented energy management in buildings
  • Trained staff to operate  equipment properly

Picture: © ENVIROS

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