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Increasing of energy efficiency in Hospital of St.Jacob by EPC

Background / Initial Situation

The Hospital of St.Jacob is a non-state medical institution providing comprehensive health and social care in the town of Bardejov with approximately 13,400 treated patients per year. The project was initiated at the end of 2016 and the main building of the hospital was previously reconstructed. There was a need to bring obsolete technical installations up-to-date with additional savings.


Th challenge was to convince and involve Ministry of Health of Slovak Republic as co-founder of St.Jacob hospital.


Measures implemented:

1.    Modernisation of laundry room:

  • new industrial laundry machines, drum dryers, ironers;
  • new LED lighting;
  • complex renewal of ventilation and air-conditioning system in laundry room;
  • measurement and regulation.

2.    Implementation of Energy management system:

  • new measuring and regulation technologies;
  • upgrade of existing regulation.

3.Building of PV power plant with 36 installed capacity 9.90 kWp. 



Guaranteed savings: €48,420 per year (11% of baseline)

Renewable energy produced: app.8MWh per year

Key Results 

Total investment costs are €527,824 and guaranteed savings €48,420 per year (11%). Contract duration is 124 months. There was no subsidy provided for the project. Investment was pre-financed by ESCO and is repaid from savings.

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