EPC pilot project Joanneum Research Graz © GEA

Project Stakeholder

Joanneum Research Graz – Austria

Facility and Initial Situation


  • One building with an overall net floor area of about 6.540 m²
  • The building comprises an office as well as a laboratory

Initial Situation

The building shell was not insulated and in a bad condition which caused high energy costs. The room climate was not comfortable. Furthermore the heating system was at its end of lifetime and  the cooling of laboratory areas and processes were not efficient.

Goals and Measures

Goals of building owner

  • Thermal and energy renovation
  • value increase of the building
  • Outsourcing of technical and economic risks
  • Increase the user comfort
  • Service and maintenance


  • Installation of energy and environmental quality wood windows
  • Building insulation
  • Hydraulic balance of heating system
  • Heating control system
  • Efficient cooling of laboratory equipment
  • User motivation and energy controlling
  • Maintenance


Installation of energy efficiency measures


Duration of the contract

15 years


1,500,000 €

Energy costs 2013 (Baseline)

123,346 €/a

Guaranteed savings in Euro

35,948 €/a

Guaranteed savings in %

29 %

Reduction of CO2 emissions

99 t/a

Innovations and Client’s Advantages

  • All from one hand and overall optimization
  • Lower heat demand after refurbishment
  • Subsidy
  • Outsourcing of risks and maintenance

Picture: © GEA

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