Project Stakeholder

Lighting in central ware-house

Initial situation

Project was implemented in the building of central warehouse of private logistic company located in a town Bojnice. Project was an outcome of previous cooperation between EPC facilitator (ECB) and the company on the previous EPC project. Project was initiated in August 2017.  Client wanted to reconstruct the lighting system and was interested in EPC method, with the guarantee of savings and the responsibility of the ESCO for the project implementation.

Goals and Measures

The existing lighting consisted of 210 Fluorescent Tube Lamps (2x58W); 22 of these lamps were with built-in battery for emergency lighting. ESCO made an upgrade of lighting system with utilisation of LED technology and adjustment of main switchboard in warehouse.


Electricity consumption in reference year 2016 was 152.25 MWh (250 working days, 6250 hours of operation). Total investment costs are €30,289.  Guaranteed savings are 106.75 MWh per year (70%). Contract duration is 3 years. Because of the simple and low-cost project, simplified method of measurement & verification was used. 

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