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MFA Kapelle – Netherlands

Energy Neutral School building, with EPC for Heat and Cold Storage for 25 years.

In 2013 the municipality of Kapelle (NL, province of Zeeland) decided to build a very healthy and energy neutral building with different users with a total gross floor surface of 4.250 m2. The users are two primary schools, a library, a crèche and a general medical office. Another target was to realize an all-electric building without the use of natural gas. After winning the competition the design team of TenW, IOB, LBP-sight and Merosch started to make the design within the budget targets.

Because the municipality of Kapelle wanted the indoor climate and the energy performance to be guaranteed for a longer period of time, they selected a contractor who would exploit the heating and cooling installation (Heat and Cold Storage, Warmte en Koude Opslag WKO) for 25 years. The contractor of this project is Wolter&Dros.

Part of the contract are the efficiency rates for heating and cooling. In other words, the seasonal performance factors. Especially in (nearly) zero energy buildings, the climate installations need special care to realise and guarantee the performances. Therefore in MFA Kapelle the delivered heat and cold are measured along with the electric energy consumption. When the contractor realises higher efficiencies than agreed, he receives a bonus, if he realises a lower efficiency, he has to pay a malus.


Main measures:

  • compact and integrated building design,
  • insulation,
  • heat recovery,
  • demand controlled lighting and ventilation,
  • heat pump,
  • thermal storage
  • 1.100 solar panels

Energy savings: 140.000 kg CO2 a year

Cost savings: 40.000 € a year

Other benefits: Warranty of achieving the energy performance goals, fixed maintenance price, warranty of healthy and comfortable building, users who are very proud of their building giving them inspiration

Budget: 6 mln euros plus 400.000 euros for exploitation during 25 years of the energy concept; Heat and Cold Storage (WKO).

Financing: Municipalty of Kapelle (NL)

Involved partners: Municipality of Kapelle, KV-project, TenW architects,IOB constructors, LBP-sight

Advisor: Merosch energy consultants

Contractors: Fraanje, Parree, Synto, Wolter&Dros



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