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Primary School Eindhoven – Netherlands

First Performance-based contract for primary school ‘The Rainbow’ in NL offers fresh new perspective

De Regenboog Steiner, a primary school in Eindhoven, is the first school in the Netherlands to conclude a 15-year performance-based contract setting out agreements on maintenance, energy-efficiency and the building’s indoor climate. Director Emiel Link is extremely satisfied about the responsible ‘ESCo’ organisation. “Obviously, it was a big decision, but there’s a great deal of mutual trust between the parties and they’re here in the blink of an eye if anything goes wrong. Good service comes at a price, but we now have the certainty of a healthy school for years to come and even enjoy the financial freedom to fund future measures.”

VBS De Regenboog in Eindhoven is housed in a monumental school building from the nineteen fifties. The building was expanded and partially renovated in 2014 – 2015. These parts of the school building now have a pleasant indoor climate thanks to systems designed and installed by ESCo Ovvia from Veldhoven. Ovvia guarantees an optimal and energy-efficient operation of all climate control systems and a class B indoor climate in accordance with the standards for schools with low energy consumption and a healthy indoor climate, the so-called Frisse Scholen. These standards have been recorded in an innovative performance-based contract that also contains agreements on ensuring fresh air and effective energy conservation in the remainder of the building and agreements on user satisfaction. Emiel Link: „This performanced-based contract enables us to hedge specific risks. And during the first contract period the ESCO has already made several extra investments, such as LED lightning and solar panels.”

Net floor area: 2.737 m2

Goals of building owner:

  • Renovation and extension of the monumental building

·         Energy efficiency improvement

·         Indoor climate improvement

·         Outsourcing of the maintenance


  • balanced ventilation system with heat exchangers;

·         centrally-located air conditioning units;

·         thermal wheel yield: 85%;

·         low-temperature air and floor heating system;

·         CO2 sensors;

·         air-water heat pump;

·         insulation and good airtightness;

·         LED lighting;

·         high-end control technology.


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