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Provision of Energy Services using Energy Performance Contract in buildings of J.E. Purkyně University in the City of Ústí nad Labem

Initial Situation

Project Scope

Client name University of Jan Evangelista Purkyně
City, Region (site) Ústí nad Labem
Number of buildings, total net floor area in m2 3 dormitories – 26 380 m2
Country Czech Republic
Short description of building types students´ dormitory – panel buildings
Type of customer, sector Municipality

Initial Condition

The student dormitories are located in 3 panel buildings with large energy savings potential.

Goals and Measures

Goals of building owner

to achieve maximum potential of energy savings with mandatory measures: installation of water treatment plant, no disconnection from the district heating supply system, energy management in duration of contract period, verification of energy savings according to the IPMVP


  • water treatment plant installation
  • energy management
  • CHP installation
  • MaR controlling and regulation sytem
  • Individual temperature control in rooms (IRC)
  • LED lighting


Installation of energy efficiency measures 2019
Duration of the contract 8 years
Total investment [EUR] 486. 550 €
Energy cost baseline (with base year 2016) 313.295 €
Guaranteed savings in Euro 488.434 € in 8 years
Guaranteed savings in % 24 % (in financial terms)
Reduction of CO2-Emissions n/a


Innovations and Client’s Advantages

Students will benefit from the improved premises and from better indoor comfort

Due to the fact that the dormitory daily occupancy is difficult to assess, calculation of certain energy savings had to be based only on students´ agreements on mandays paid. Also the regime for implementation of energy saving measures in students rooms will have to be defined and adjusted to students holidays. Installation of some of the motors had to be agreed with fire protection authorities, any new boilers would have to be agreed with the air protection authority due to the fact that the town of Ústí has problems with exceedance of some of the air pollutants in several town areas (NOx)..

Total savings [EUR] 488.434 n/a
Total savings [%] 24,2 % n/a

Picture: © ENVIROS

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