Project Stakeholder

Psychiatric hospital Plešivec

Facility and Initial Situation

Client name Psychiatric hospital of Samuel Blum
City, Region (site) Plešivec
Country Slovakia
Short description of building types Hospital buildings, laundry room
Type of customer, sector Public sector


Energy audit revealed uneconomical operation of the heat source and the relevant heat equipment. The site was supplied with heat from its own central boiler room via the heat distribution piping and subsequently through the heat transfer stations the DHW was heated and the heating water was heated by the primary steam medium. In this way, up to 40% of energy was lost on the distribution system.

Goals and Measures

– New gas distribution system providing natural gas supply for 8 new gas boiler rooms.
– Reconstruction of DHW preparation.
– Establishment of a dispatching center for heating control and monitoring.
– Setting radiators by thermostatic valves and heads.
– Delivery of new laundry technology: 3 pcs of washing machines, 2 pcs of dryers, 1 pc of mangle, 3 pcs of presses.
– Supply technology to use own water source.


Installation of energy efficiency measures May 2013 – September 2013
Duration of the contract 10 years
Total investment [EUR] 1,464,000 €
Energy cost baseline 225,000 €/a
Guaranteed savings in Euro  72,726 €/a
Additional savings on operational costs 85,370 €/a

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