Project Stakeholder

Selection of Energy Service Company for buildings in the property of the town of Prelouc

Client name Town of Přelouč
City, Region (site) Town of Přelouč
Number of buildings, total net floor area in m2 7 buildings with overall 19,500 m² net floor area
Country Czech Republic
Short description of building types 6 schools and 1 sport hall
Type of customer, sector Municipal authority

Initial Condition

Historical and older buildings with high potential of energy savings.

Goals and Measures

Goals of building owner

  • Optimize energy operation in buildings;
  • Eliminate or reduce energy losses in pipelines, heating systems, HW preparation, lighting;
  • Increase thermal and user comfort in all EPC project included premises with the necessary control.
  • Achieve long-term savings in energy costs in buildings owned by the town and other operating costs


  • Reconstruction of boiler house in 2 schools,
  • system of MaR,
  • new LED lighting,
  • water savers,
  • IRC installation,
  • equitherm heat control,
  • new circulating pumps,
  • energy management implementation and operation
Installation of energy efficiency measures 2017
Duration of the contract 10 years
Total investment [EUR] 235.362
Energy cost baseline (with base year 2016) 115.372€
Guaranteed savings in Euro 32.235 €/y
Guaranteed savings in % 20,8%
Reduction of CO2-Emissions n/a

Innovations and Client’s Advantages

After the project EPC started in 2 school buildings also subsidy for thermal insulation of the buildings was successfully applied for.

EPC contract enabled to receive 5 % increase of the subsidy (conditions of Czech Operational Programme Environment supporting combination of EPC with heat insulation improvement measures)

Total savings/annum [EUR/annum] 257.882
Total savings/annum [%] 20,8%
Heat [kWh/annum] 117 543
Electricity [kWh/annum] 120 170
Water [EUR/annum] 1 563







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