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The White Lady Eindhoven – Netherlands

Around 1920, The White Lady (De Witte Dame) was built on behalf of Philips. In the early 1980s the building was vacated. It was now a national monument. A group of entrepreneurs is going to exploit. The new residents of the building are: Design Academy Eindhoven, Philips Corporate Design, Eindhoven Public Library and Mu Art Foundation. In 2014 De Witte Dame struggled with a towering energy bill. The new owner realized that this was a threat to the sound financial operation of the building. And he wanted to go to an energy label A. At the same time, tenant Fontys High Schools demanded air quality, that would most probably lead to higher energy costs. The solution was to replace the energy-saving systems. The question “Who will pay?” threatened to throw soot in the food. Fortunately, the ESCo formula offered a solution. OVVIA financed the operation whereby the owner and users shared the proceeds. A ten-year Energy Performance Contract has been concluded for this purpose. In the meantime, 34% CO2 savings have been achieved, and the building of energy label D has gone to A.

Energy measures:
Ventilation system
Air treatment
Heat generation
Heat pumps
CO2 savings
Energy and indoor climate
Maintenance and management of all installations
Control technique

Beoogde jaarlijkse besparing: Minimaal 25% CO2 besparing, gerealiseerd is 34% CO2 besparing. Van label D naar label A.Contract duur: 10 jaarTechnische details: Combinatie van warmteopwekking door warmtepompen en stadsverwarming met warmteterugwinning op luchtbehandeling in combinatie met effectieve regeltechniek.

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