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WTC Schiphol – Netherlands

WTC Schiphol needed a new maintenance contract and saw the opportunity to maintain maintenance and management. The point of departure of the performance contract is that smart maintenance is not a cost item but just leads to value creation. The energy consumption has been significantly reduced by improving the functioning of existing installations. High comfort for users is therefore an important condition.

WTC Schiphol Airport is one of the most exclusive office buildings in the Netherlands and has a direct covered connection with the airport terminal, Schiphol Plaza and the NS train station. Companies in the WTC are active in financial services, international (major) offices and in the aviation sector. World Trade Center Schiphol Airport is a joint investment of Schiphol Real Estate, the property subsidiary of Schiphol Group, and the CBRE Dutch Office Fund, a non-listed real estate fund of CBRE Global Investors.

For the new maintenance contract, WTC Schiphol organized a tender. Cofely won the procurement and monitors, managed and maintained the installations since 2014 with the aim of achieving energy and efficiency gains while maintaining comfort. At the completion of this maintenance agreement, the WTC Schiphol Airport was advised and supervised by Halmos Adviseurs. With the maintenance contract, WTC Schiphol completes its sustainability ambition.

Name: WTC Schiphol
City: Schiphol, Haarlemmermeer
Building: Offices
Sector: Commercial Real Estate
Type: Preservation, management and maintenance
Delivery: 2014

Client: World Trade Center Schiphol Airport
Contractor: Cofely
Financier: No investments, existing installations
Adviser: Halmos Adviseurs

Components of the Performance Contract: Durability and maintenance.

The additional maintenance costs are paid from the guaranteed energy savings.
– Energy
– Comfort
– Maintenance and management of all installations

Annual Expenditure: Annual 15% energy savings compared to the year prior to this contract. Reduction of CO2 emissions of 8%. Guaranteed cost savings 100,000 euros per year, realized: 120.00 per year
Contract value: Not published
Contract duration: 5 years
Technical details: Saving potential determined by the Energy Navigator

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