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EPC Public Tendering Guide

GUIDE for the drafting of Documents of Administrative and Technical Clauses for the Energy Performance Contracting with guaranteed savings subject to harmonized regulation (Service Contracts).


Video: Summary of guarantEE Webinar

Watch the Summary of guarantEE Webinar that took place on 23 January 2018.


Video: EPC online Pre-Check


guarantEE: Project Leaflet

Check out your building’s energy efficiency potential. Online Pre-Check for Energy Performance Contracting.


Report on the European EPC Market (D2.2)

The report on the market analysis is based on a survey with 256 participants. On the one hand it shows that there is still a huge potential for cost savings through EPC projects in Europe. On the other hand, half of the respondents indicated they prefer investing in energy efficiency measures on their own capital funds and their own technical risk instead of outsourcing them to an external energy service company.


Brochure: Triple-Win-Solutions for the Split-Incentive-Dilemma (D2.5)

The split incentives dilemma may be the single most significant challenge to the economisation of energy efficiency projects worldwide. This brochure shows Triple-Win-Solution-Approaches for the Split-Incentive-Dilemma.


Model processes for combining EPC with other energy-related actions (D2.7)

Solutions in the form of model processes have been developed within guarantEE for two specific cases. Synergies can be exploited and decrease the total project costs by performing and EPC parallel to:

  • energy management / energy audit or
  • ISO 50001 implementation process.

Flexibility Options for EPC Contracts (D2.6)

The objective was to identify aspects or procedures in existing EPC / energy service contracts which may be difficult to accept for certain customers and to develop optional contract elements addressing such concerns. These ‘flexibility options’ are seen as additional elements or alternative ways of addressing certain contractual issues.

1. Ordinary termination of contract
2. Simplified Measurement & Verification
3. Integration of Public Funding by ESCO


EPC Marketing Brochure

To support energy agencies or consultants to inform potential customers about the main criteria and advantages of EPC, the EPC Marketing Brochure has been developed. EESI2020 EPC Marketing Brochure. National versions of this Brochure can furthermore be found in the national subsections of this internet site.


EPC Facilitator Training

For the training of potential EPC facilitators, a training presentation has been developed and can be downloaded here: EESI2020 Facilitator Training Kit. Translated and nationally adapted versions of this training presentation can furthermore be found in the national subsections of this internet site.


EPC Facilitator Guideline

To enable energy agencies or consultants to understand the typical tasks and responsibilities of an EPC project facilitator, the EESI2020 Facilitator Guideline has been developed. This guideline presents the information which is necessary for an EPC facilitator to start an EPC-project.


Supporting documents for EPC facilitators

Supporting documents to the facilitator guideline for:

  • Valuation of buildings suitable for EPC and pooling of buildings
  • Calculation Instructions for the Determination of the Energy Costs Baseline, the Annual Amounts of Savings and the Remuneration
  • Financing Options for Energy-Contracting Projects – Comparison and Evaluation
  • Example of the calculation of the baseline for heat energy in the secondary school in Prague

Quality Criteria for Facilitator Pools (D3.2)

To ease the access to and identification of well-qualified EPC facilitators for building owners in Europe, national pools of EPC facilitators are being established in all participating Member States. A detailed list of quality criteria for the selection of the EPC facilitators was defined in this document including consultant’s professional background and relevant references.