Target Groups

Public property management

During the last 20 years, Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) has been most successful in the public sector. Public buildings such as schools, hospitals, universities, city halls, cultural event centres, swimming pools and police facilities have been modernised in large numbers in many European countries and cities.

Within the guarantEE project, public property administrations will be addressed to discuss possible improvements to EPC and will be supported in the implementation of pilot projects.

guarantEE for public property managers

Private building owners

In recent years there has been an increase in the share of private clients for EPC (mainly for the industry and services sectors) in several countries. Presently, EPC is perceived as not being flexible enough by many private clients: contract durations are long, termination is difficult, and the minimum project size is high.

guarantEE will invite private building owners and facility managers to assess possibilities and implement innovative solutions to make EPC better suited for the private sector.

guarantEE for private building owners

Energy consultants

EPC facilitators can support the EPC client throughout the complex process of an EPC project. Especially in the application of innovative models, facilitators play an important role.

Within guarantEE, facilitator networks will be established in the 14 participating countries, enhancing the exchange of know-how and capacity building among this group.

guarantEE for energy consultants